From, Mental health does not affect weight loss after bariatric surgery, posted on 5-2-17.  This article reviews a study that found good outcomes for weight loss for bariatric patients with mental illness, for a population that had psychological screening prior to surgery, results support the benefits of psychological screening.

Participants with schizophrenia and bipolar conditions were found to have a higher rate of ED visits and hospital days, but still had weight loss outcomes similar to patients without mental illness. Over 8,000 patients were included in the study. One of the researchers is quoted: ““Our findings suggest that this powerful weight loss tool can be equally effective for different groups of patients regardless of pre-existing mental health conditions.”  An accompanying editorial stated, “The current findings suggest that health care providers need to strongly consider bariatric surgical procedures for their severely obese mentally ill patients who are in a period of relative stability.”  To access original report, please click here. To access the accompanying editorial, please click here


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