QuietKit.com provides “guided meditations for beginners,” ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes long.  mhconcierge.com has listened to many guided meditations, both online and using smartphone apps, and has found most of them to be, frankly, not that great – the voice may sound unprofessional and self-conscious, the timing may not be smooth, there may be a hiss in the background, and so on.  The QuiteKit meditations are much better – the voice sounds professional and relaxed, the pacing is good, and the quality of the recording is excellent, with no distractions.

The site also provides a “Quick Meditation Guide” for beginners, with several tips for getting started with a basic, low intensity, do-able meditation practice.  One offering is a “schedule for starting,” which starts at 2 minutes per day.  The site also includes links to “Box Breathing (the Navy Seal breathing technique)” and  resources for offering meditation in schools.

mhconcierge’s take:  this could be an excellent site to recommend to people who are interested in mind-body resources and stress reduction techniques to try between therapy appointments. 

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