Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Practical Guide, 5th Edition” by Pope & Vasquez (2016) includes a very thorough chapter on suicide, “Recognizing, Assessing and Responding to Suicidal Risk.”  One of the authors, Ken Pope, Ph.D., has generously provided access to this chapter on his website.  It includes information about 22 risk factors, ten steps to reduce risk, and advice from 16 noted experts.

One expert quoted is Minnesota’s Gary Schoener, MEq, LP,  who provides wise advice, in particular, about use of “no-suicide agreements,” or suicide safety contracts.  His advice, “…They do not work. (No problem using them clinically, but don’t count on them.)”

This document is a superb resource, and providing it for free is typical of Dr. Pope, who is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. He provides his Psychology News List, a free email posting service with information about research and clinical resources from a wide variety of resources.  His website, Articles, Research and Resources,  is a gold mine of clinical resources.

Dr. Pope should be declared to be a national professional psychology treasure for psychology knowledge and resources!

The free access to his is available here.

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