“Trauma-informed, mindfulness-based intervention significantly improves parenting” was posted by ScienceDaily.com on 7-27-17.  This article reviews a study of 120 addicted women who were pregnant, parenting or working towards reunification with children. The women were participating in SUD medication-assisted treatment for opioid conditions. The study added to the regulation medication-assisted programming new treatment modules which provided information about parenting skills, the impact of trauma on parenting, and mindfulness training.

The mindfulness component included training in being non-judgemental, providing full attention to the child, and compassion skills. Using three different measures of parenting, the women who participated in the study experienced significantly improved satisfaction with their parenting.  One of the researchers was quoted, “By improving parenting through mindfulness, we may be able to change the intergenerational trajectory of trauma and improve children’s and families’ lives.” The full article is available online.

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