Artificial light from digital devices lessens sleep quality: Melatonin skyrockets when blue light is blocked was posted by the ScienceDaily blog on 7-28-17. This article briefly reviews the importance of sleep for various health functions, and summarizes the results for a study that found people using devices in the crucial hours before bedtime to have significantly reduced production of melatonin, by up to 50%!

The study also found that people who used special glasses that blocked blue light from devices, as measured by both self report and activity/sleep trackers, had more sleep, more restful sleep, and better energy during the day.  The authors of the study include recommendations for reducing the effects of blue light, including using special glasses to block that part of the light spectrum, using a device with a “night mode” that is capable of reducing blue light by changing the devices settings, or – most simply – just avoiding devices in the crucial hours before bedtime. The full article is available online.

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