Paying your billing service by percentage of claims – is there risk? (Maybe)

The medicaidlaw-nc blog posted “Do You Pay Your Billing Agent a Percentage of Claims? You May Be in Violation of Federal law!” on 7-12-17.  Obviously, this is an attention-getting title, so let’s begin with a deep breath and some background about the source.  This blog is posted regularly by Nicole Emmanuel, a lawyer in North Carolina who specializes in Medicaid litigation.  She blogs regularly about Medicaid issues, with her intended audience being NC medical professionals but MHConcierge finds her posts to be informative about national issues and monitors her blog.

Can Your Patient Secretly Record You?

JAMA Published “Can Patients Make Recordings of Medical Encounters?: What does the Law Say?” On 8-8-17. This article discusses the fact that recording technology is now readily available for every smartphone user. The authors note that the motivation for for recording may be entirely reasonable; the patient may simply want to be able to review the discussion in order to improve their understanding of the information provided, and possibly to share this information with family members. Researchers found that patients who are provided audio recordings of clinic visits tend to find them to be very helpful. But, what about patients

Tips for Managing Potentially Dangerous Patients

Clinical Psychiatry News posted “Tips for avoiding potentially dangerous patients” on 8-10-17. This article discusses a presentation by Jeffrey Younggren, PhD and Ernest Bordini, PhD at the 2017 Annual Convention of the American psychological Association.  Dr. Younggren served as a risk management consultant for the APA Insurance Trust for 18 years. In his presentation, he critiqued an APA article on safety and offered his own recommendations, which, given his extensive experience are worth considering.

Peer Support Specialist phone support, evenings and Saturdays

Mental health Minnesota, which used to be the Mental Health Association of Minnesota, provides an interesting service utilizing Peer Support Specialists, The Minnesota WarmLine.People in a mental health crisis may text a message to the program and receive a call from a peer support specialist For a “safe and confidential” discussion that can provide support, coaching, and help with accessing resources.

Brief (11 minutes!) mindfulness training helps heavy drinkers

The blog published “Eleven minutes of mindfulness training helps drinkers cut back” On 8-24-17.  This article reports on an interesting study.  There are 60 participants, all “heavy drinkers.” The treatment was a brief, 11 minute mindfulness training. The participants were divided into two groups, one of which received the intervention and the other received a sham intervention and functioned as a control group.