“7 Things a Sleep Scientist Wants You to Know About Getting Better Sleep was posted by Happify.com.  First, a word about this site – the title always has struck MHConcierge as a bit corny, but the site provides quality, evidenced-based information and resources to help people be feel better, function better – and to be happier.  This article is a brief summary of the current science of good sleep.  It includes info about the concept of “sleep pressure” – physiological changes that build up between episodes of sleep that create a craving for sleep.

The article provides a brief overview of how two brain systems need to collaborate in order for a person to have successful sleep- we all have an activating system and a sedating system.  When we wake up, hopefully after a restful night of sleep, we are mostly activated (for some, some coffee helps with this) and as the day progresses our sedating system gradually increases its activity while our activating system fades, and by nighttime hopefully the sedation takes over, creating “sleep pressure,” and you fall asleep naturally and smoothly at bedtime.

Of course, it is not such a smooth process for everyone, and this article provides 7 tips about behaviors that promote good sleep, in particular by helping to develop sleep pressure. This article is a quick and easy read, and could be a helpful resource for people with sleep problems. The full article is available online at Happify.com

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