“Exercise Top Lifestyle Factor for Alzheimer’s Prevention?” Reports on a presentation at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2017 in London. This study evaluated the relationship between two different levels of exercise and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The study is remarkable because the subjects were people known to have genetic mutations that leave them prone to developing Alzheimer’s. These people were “destined to develop (Alzheimer’s) and know approximately when they will start having symptoms.” The study compared people who were categorized with a low level of exercise, reporting less than 150 minutes per week, and high exercise, reporting more than 150 minutes per week. The study did not differentiate between actual out to be level of the reported exercise. The study concluded: “The results suggest that higher levels of exercise may delay the cumulation of Alzheimer’s pathology and subsequent symptom onset in Alzheimer’s disease mutation carriers.”

This study is part of an emerging body of research that supports the cognitive, and mental health, benefits of exercise, and supports having mental health clinicians, and medical providers,” prescribed quote exercise, particularly for people with a family history of Alzheimer’s.

This article was posted by Medscape.com on 8-4-17, and is available online but you may need a Medscape subscription, which is free, to view it.

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