“Loneliness May Represent a Greater Public Health Hazard Than Obesity” reports on a presentation at the American psychological Association Annual Convention. The presentation reviewed the results of two very thorough meta-analyses, one with a total of 300,000 participants and the other with more than 3.4 million participants in several countries. The focus was on the role of social isolation, loneliness, or living alone contributed to mortality.

All three were found to have significant impact, equal to or even exceeding the effect of other significant risk factors, such as obesity. The presenters recommended that medical and mental health clinicians routinely screen for social isolation when doing and intake, and that there treatment plan for socially isolated people includes help with social skills and social networking. This information could be used by mental health clinicians to market their services to primary care providers to help them with their lonely and socially isolated patients.

This article was published on 8-6-17 by ScienceBlog.com and is available for free online.

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