“Yoga Effective at Reducing Symptoms of Depression” reports on several studies presented at the American Psychological Association 2017 Annual Convention. The studies utilize different versions of yoga, including hatha yoga and Bikram yoga, varying durations of “treatment,” and people with diverse symptoms, including people with anxiety, depression, and even treatment-resistant depression.

Studies consistently found significant benefits from yoga, even – remarkably – for people with treatment-resistant depression. Several the studies reported that the participants were highly satisfied with the experience. One of the authors cited recommends use of yoga as a treatment intervention that complements standard interventions provided by a licensed therapist. She said, “Clearly, yoga is not a cure-all. However, based on empirical evidence, there seems to be a lot of potential.”

The article was posted on 8-3-17, and the full article is available online on the ScienceDaily.com website for free.

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