“Willingness Predictor of Change in OCD Therapy,” published online by Clinical Psychiatry News on 8-3-17, reports on a recent study of OCD therapy that found patients who are most willing to fully experience unpleasant and unwanted thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations during exposure therapy get the best results.

These patients, were in a residential treatment program, with a higher level of willingness reported more rapid symptom reduction, even when the outcomes were controlled for length of stay, education intervention, co-occurring conditions and other factors. The results are reported to be statistically significant, and obviously have clinical of the collations for treatment planning. Patients who are less willing to do their exposure experiences are likely to require pulmonary work on their lack of willingness, hopefully five by subsequent work on exposure experiences.

The Clinical Psychiatry News article is available for free online as part of their ClinicalEdge series.

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