Non-opioid treatments for chronic pain, update for the generalists

“Alternatives to Drugs for Treating Pain” was published by the New York Times on 9-11-17, and is written by the highly regarded health journalist Jane Brody. She reports on her own problems with chronic pain, and behavioral changes that she learned on her own which helped her significantly. She goes on to report on concerns about treatment with opioids and emerging research that is finding “complementary” treatments, many of them actually psychological treatments, to be helpful, sometimes even more effective than opioids.

Adult ADHD diagnostic challenges: brief summary for the generalist, with link to more info

Mental health clinicians who are not ADHD specialists may find it challenging to assess and make treatment recommendations for adult patients with potential ADHD symptoms. “6 Challenges in Assessing ADHD in Adult Patients” provides a concise summary of the issues and a link to a more detailed resource.

Melatonin: what therapists and consumers need to know

Insomnia is one of the most common health problems that mental health professionals hear about from their patients. In MHConcierge’s experience, many patients are taking, or considering, melatonin. Their PCP may have recommended it, or they may have just decided to try it on their own. “Read This If You Take Melatonin to Sleep at Night” was posted by recently, and this consumer-friendly article is a concise summary of the benefits of melatonin (limited) and potential concerns (several potential nuisance problems, and possibly significant drug interaction concerns).

Study finds Hatha yoga to have more benefits than mindfulness meditation

“Yoga, meditation improve brain function and energy levels, study shows” was posted by on 9-6-17. This article reports on research comparing Hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, and a control activity. Each activity was done for “just” 25 minutes, and the results found significant benefits from both the treatment interventions, with more benefit from the Hatha yoga.