Insomnia update: tart cherry juice found to have remarkable benefit (but from small study)

Following up on last week’s posting about a sleep scientist’s advice opposing use of sleep medications, and advocating for naturalistic and psychological, here is another interesting article about research that finds that tart cherry do’s significantly increased sleep time for insomniacs. The published “Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Increased Sleep Time in Insomniacs” on 10-28-17.  The results were significant and found that the subjects who received the tart cherry juice treatment rated their sleep is significantly better, and were found to have actually slept on the average 84 more minutes than the control group.

Mindfulness benefits for infants and children: you don’t need to be a Zen monk to help your child

The New York Times posted “Mindfulness for Children” on 10-28-17. This is part of their ongoing Well blog series, which provides excellent summaries of recent research and developments of interest to the general population interested in health issues. This article reviews potential benefits of mindfulness training for children, including helping them learn self-control, soothe themselves when anxious, and can promote positive attitudes.

Research clarifies the actual benefits of having a pet: still good for you, just less than previously thought

Research clarifies the actual benefits of having a pet: still good for you, just less than previously thought

Published by the Wall Street Journal on 10-27-17 (MHConcierge tends to ignore the journals politics and political commentaries, and focus on the superb health, science, and technology reporting which appears to be free of political bias), “The Real Benefits of Pet Ownership; our animal friends may not make us healthier, but they earn in their keep in other ways.” This is an interesting and well with article that reviews the current research about the potential benefits of pets. Some of the older research nas not held up very well, but current research is refining our understanding of the potential benefits

Psychology and SUD treatment: BAT helps get better outcomes, sobriety

On 10-26-17 the online blog ClinicalEdge, published by Clinical Psychiatry News, posted, “Behavioral Activation Effective for Substance Use.” This brief article reviews a study originally published online by the journal Addiction on 9-30-17. Researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial with 263 adult subjects, with follow-up assessment at three, six, and 12 months post treatment.

Adult-onset ADHD: Study questions whether it is actually something else

The online newsletter posted “Adult-Onset ADHD May Not Exist, Study Suggests,” on 10-23-17. This article reviews a study recently published in the American Journal of Psychiatry which found that more than 80% of people who have been diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood are actually unlikely to truly have the disorder.