“By Shunning Medication-assisted Therapy, 12-Step Meetings Are Making the Opioid Crisis Worse”  is an article written by an opioid addict who experienced opposition to medication-assisted therapy from her treatment program. She reviews the serious state of information about medication -assisted therapy for addictions in the 12-step community. She quoted one narcotics anonymous authority as telling her, “people on methadone buprenorphine are feeding are getting high every day, there does not bite on the streets. It’s like you’re replacing one addiction for another.”

Some groups reportedly even deny members who are considering medication -assisted therapy the ability to speak about this during meetings. The author writes, “for secrecy about medication -assisted therapy compromises an addicted person’s recovery by causing him or her to repeat patterns of deception implemented during active addiction. It is an typical to every modern addiction treatment model.” And, she found her own medication -assisted therapy to be extremely effective.

This article was posted by StatNews.com, a reliable online medical posting service, on 10-4-17.

MHConcerge’s take: hopefully articles like this will challenge twelve-step programs to be more progressive and even scientific about their attitude about education -assisted therapy, and to appropriately support it.

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