“New Tools Detect Autism Disorders Earlier in Lives: aside from genetics, any parental contribution to the disorders is probably nil:reports on a study of MRIs of 260 babies. Babies were scanned at six months of age and again the 12 months. The brains of infants with an autistic sibling showed significant differences in development over time.

The degree of difference, categorized as “neural inefficiency,” predicted how severe the child’s symptoms would be. The article concludes, “this research suggests that very early diagnosis-an early intervention-is on our doorstep. It also means that parents can’t be blamed.” (Emphasis added)  The article includes fascinating details about the results of the neuroimaging studies which support some of the theory about how autism develops and the neurological bases for the disorder.

This article was published by the Wall Street Journal on 10-5-17. MHConcierge consistently finds journals science and health reporting to be superb and unbiased.

MHConcierge’s take:  hopefully this study will put the final stake in the heart of terrible shaming and distorted claims that parents somehow cause autism.  It also potentially advances early detection, and treatment.

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