“Parent-Child Boundaries Link to BPD and Adolescents” discusses a recent study of dynamics and families with adolescents with borderline personality disorder. This study is the first one actually measure such boundaries during adolescence. Many theorists have hypothesized that children who develop borderline personality disorder have disturbed relationships with their parents.

This is the first study to actually objectively study this, and found significant relationships between borderline personality symptoms and “parental guilt induction and psychology control” and parental triangulation.”

This article was published by the ClinicalEdge online posting service of the Clinical Psychiatry News on 10-7-17. It reports in an article published online by the journal Psychiatry Residency on 8-12-17.

MHConcierge’s tale: it is important, when possible, to have research support for theories like this which have potential implications for treatment for children with be BPD.

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