3 Articles About the Cognitive Benefits of Brief (10 minutes!) Exercise

Building upon an emerging body of research that supports the mental health and, in particular, cognitive, benefits of exercise, researchers are assessing the lower threshold for these benefits – and getting surprising results for very brief, but moderately intensive, exercise.  These results support the benefits of mental health clinicians routinely asking patients/clients about their activity level, and “prescribing” brief, and doable, “doses” of exercise/activity.

MH DHS revised guidelines for Brief Diagnostic Assessments – Actually Makes Them More Brief

As of 12-17-17, DHS significantly reduced the requirements for Brief DAs, and increased the number of therapy sessions that can be provided prior to completing the Brief DA to three sessions.  These changes delete eight previously required sections, making the Brief DA truly more brief.

Survey of Fees Charged by MN Psychologists for Common Services

MHConcierged posted a request to a list provided by the MN Board of Psychology (available for $5 on the MBOP website) requesting participating in this survey.  The survey was sent out on 10-10-17, with the expectation of posting a summary of the results 2 weeks later (a previous version was sent out on 10-8-17 with a technical glitch – apologies to those who responded promptly and enthusiastically to that one). I knew that such a survey was novel – was not aware of any previous similar survey, at least locally – but I did not anticipate the consternation that some