As of 12-17-17, DHS significantly reduced the requirements for Brief DAs, and increased the number of therapy sessions that can be provided prior to completing the Brief DA to three sessions.  These changes delete eight previously required sections, making the Brief DA truly more brief.

Here are the criteria for the DHS guidelines for  three levels of DAs (Brief, Standard and Extended). Here are the requirements for a Brief DA. 

The following components are no longer required for a Brief DA:

  • Current living situations, including household membership and housing status
  • Basic needs status including economic status
  • Education level and employment status
  • Significant personal relationships, including the client’s evaluation of relationship quality
  • Strengths and resources including the extent and quality of social networks
  • Belief systems
  •  General physical health and relationship to client’s culture
  • Current medications

    The following required components were added:

          •  History of mental health treatment including review of records
•  Cultural influences and impact.

MHConcierge’s take:  these changes result in a significantly briefer  Brief DA.  Of course, you are always free to add these sections, if you think that they are important for a particular patient/client, but it is helpful to be able to do a truly brief DA for patients/clients who qualify.  

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