Associations Between Early Family Meal Environment Quality and Later Well-Being in School-Age Children reports on a study of 1492 children and their parents that found that children whose families eat meals together at age 6 have “higher levels of general fitness and lower levels of soft drink consumption, physical aggression, oppositional behavior, nonaggressive delinquency, and reactive aggression at age 10.” The authors recommend that health care professionals and social workers talk with parents about the importance of eating meals as a family as part of home-based interventions to promote healthy child development. This article comes to our attention courtesy of

Also, The Right Way for Parents to Help Anxious Children could be a helpful resource for parents. The author the prevalence of anxiety disorders in childhood, discusses the natural tendency of parents to try to protect their anxious child from distress, and research that supports helping parents to help their child face their anxieties. The article was published by the Wall Street Journal on 12-8-17; may require a subscription or login to access, but it is an excellent article and worth it.

Finally, A Healthy Dose of Guilt is a detailed review of the differences between shame and guilt, written for the general population.  It was published by the New York Times on 11-27-17.  It is is a longer article, but is an excellent summary of the differences between “shame-based parenting” and wise use of guilt to help a child learn and make developmental progress.

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