“Are You A ‘Testosterone’ or A ’Dopamine’?” Reports on a new brain-based personality test designed to help people better understand both their own psychology and their relationships, particularly romantic ones. The test, the Fisher Temperament Index, identifies  four brain systems that have been linked by research to personality traits. It was developed a biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, who set out to develop a personality test to replace tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Fisher identified four personality types:

  • Dopamine – adventurous, curious, independent, high-energy
  • Serotonin – social, calm, conscientious
  • Testosterone – decisive, aggressive, tough-minded
  • Estrogen – intuitive, introspective, empathic

Fisher than created a 56-question survey, and partnered with the dating site Chemistry.com.  14 million people (!) have taken the survey on the Chemistry.com website. Fisher analyze the results of more than 100,000 people, and went on to use brain scans on 36 subjects to validate how accurately the questionnaire measured brain systems. She subsequently revised her personality inventory to create the current 50-question version, and created a company, NeuroColor to market it to businesses in need of assessing workplace behavior and relationships.

NeuroColor charges $300 per test (!)  and creates a 22-page profile that includes information about personality traits, recommended communication styles based on these traits, and recommended behaviors for interacting effectively with other personality types. In comparison, the MBTI may be taken online for $50.

The article, which about a 10 minute read, provides examples of both the four basic temperament-based personality types, and how people who are dominant on each type are likely to interact with other personality types.

This article was published by the Wall Street Journal on 11-22-17, and can be accessed for free, although if you view more than a certain number of articles each month on the WSJ site you may need a subscription to view more.

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