Associations of Bariatric Surgery with Changes in Interpersonal Relationship Status: Results From 2 Swedish Cohort Studies finds it bariatric surgery is associated with both increased incidence of divorce/separation and marriage/new relationship. The study had 2,010 participants, and a matched (obesity) control group. The surgery group had twice the incidence of marriage/new relationship after surgery compared with controls. Those with the best outcome from surgery had a higher incidence of marriage/new relationship outcomes. After four years, the cumulative incidence of divorce/separation was almost twice as high for the surgery group as for the control group. The authors theorize that the incidence of marriage/new relationship after bariatric surgery fits with other research that finds that bariatric surgery is associated with increased quality of life, including and increase in romantic interest from others. They also theorize that patients who have undergone bariatric surgery may feel empowered to end an unhealthy relationship. They conclude, “Hence, separation or divorce after bariatric surgery should not only be interpreted as an adverse effect for the surgery but also could demonstrate that physical and psychological improvements after bariatric surgery might give patients in unhealthy relationships the confidence and self-esteem to end those relationships.”

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