“Intake of Raw Fruits and Vegetables Is Associated With Better Mental Health Than Intake of Processed Fruits and Vegetables” reports on a study using an online survey of 422 young adults in New Zealand and the US.  Raw Fruit and Vegetable Intake (RVI) was compared to processed (cooked and canned veggies) FVI using several mental health-related measures.  Raw FVI was found to significantly predict higher mental health outcomes.  The authors review studies of diet and mood, and theorize that their findings fit with evidence that cooking reduces some important nutrients in veggies, and these nutrients contribute to positive mental health.  They acknowledge, however, “mood states (both positive and negative) have the ability to influence subsequent food choices,” and therefore people with more positive mood might make better food choices.  As is usually the case, they conclude, “more research is needed” – but their results do fit with an emerging body of research in support of the theory that a diet with lot of natural foods, and which minimizes the intake of processed foods, is associated with measures of positive mental health. Read more.

This article comes to our attention courtesy of the prolific psychology posting service provided by Ken Pope, PhD.

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