Phone app can identify autism symptoms in toddlers – from Duke U., study of almost 1K toddlers, using an app that assesses eye gaze patterns while watching short movies, assesses whether the toddler looked more at humans or objects. From:

7 Tips to Build an Enthusiastic Following For Your Facebook Business Page” discusses the advantages of having a FB business page and what you can do to make it interesting and engaging.  From:

Live psychotherapy by video versus in-person: A meta-analysis of efficacy and its relationship to types and targets of treatment” – reviewed 103 studies, found video-delivered therapy (VDP) to provide “substantial and significant improvement” and “to be no less efficacious” than in-person therapy, with particular benefit noted for affective disorders.  From: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (abstract) (this article comes to our attention courtesy of the prolific psychology posting service provided by Ken Pope, PhD)

A psychologist and parenting expert (and parent of 3) provides tips for using tech gadgets as resources for help with parenting stresses.  “Dr. Becky” has over 500K followers on her Instagram posts.  Tips include creative use of a voice-recording button to record a soothing message that young children can play to themselves at bedtime, using a timer for things like video games, and a toy stoplight clock to help kids learn to wait until it is time to get up in the morning.  From:

The Am. Psychological Association provides 3 reports about the potential benefits of using internet-assisted therapy to help kids with OCD: “internet CBT” (I-CBT) can increase access; “pre-treatment online training” helps with long wait times for in-person CBT, improves outcomes; and “internet-delivered family therapy” for kids with OCD found to be equivalent to in-person services.  From:

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