U of MN psychologist Rochelle Moen, PhD, LP is interviewed about psychological and social challenges of post-COVID reintegration, offers tips for adjusting. Many are feeling cautious, or even anxious, about not wearing a mask and having more contact with others.  Dr. Moen offers tips for when to push adjustment vs “go slow,” “progressive exposure” to change, evaluating the accuracy of concerns/anxieties, and more.  From:  MinnPost.com’s mental health beat.

When families are engaged in medical primary care, outcomes improve and medical providers benefit, too.  This commentary provides reviews several models for providing integrative, or as MHConcierge prefers, interprofessional, services.  It also provides an update about the research about integrating mental health services with primary care services – which provides strong support for including mental health clinicians with specialized training (“medical family therapists” and health psychologists) in medical settings.  From: Minnesota Physician, mnphy.com

Local journalist John Moe starts a national podcast “Depresh Mode with John Moe” (a play on the British band Depeche Mode, known for glum songs). He provides info to help listeners with the challenges of mental health problems, interviews with celebrities with mental health problems, and interviews with mental health experts.  From: MinnPost.com

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