• Closeness With Dads May Play Special Role In How Kids Weather Adolescence – previous research has shown that close relationships with parents have the potential to help protect kids against development of some common adolescent developmental problems. This study assessed the patterns in more detail, breaking the results down by participants’ age, gender, and relationship with each parent.  They actually found that closeness with both parents was important, closeness with fathers helping in particular with self-esteem.  From: ScienceBlog.com

  • Digital neuropsychological assessment may become standard after COVID-19 – In a forum published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease experts report that neuropsychological testing combining digital technology with standard paper/pencil tests can broader behavioral information and can provide earlier identification of individuals with early signs of neurodegenerative and other neurological illness. Digital testing technology can identify the thinking time or ‘latent content’ versus time spent generating output, i.e., the ‘manifest content,” and can identify test patterns that indicate subtle impairments.  From: MedicalXPress.com

  • Physical Activity Offsets Serious Health Risks of Poor Sleep – Investigators analyzed data on close to 400,000 middle-aged adults and found that engaging in, or exceeding, the weekly recommended amount of physical activity may offset serious health risks associated with poor sleep quality, including death. From: Medscape.com (psychiatry)

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