• Richard Sethre, PsyD, Psychologist Emeritus, has retired.
  • Howard Dickman, PhD, LP has a general practices of psychology, and provides more specialized services.  He can help people with the problems that are most commonly treated by psychologists and other mental health clinicians:
    • assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • situational stresses (work problems, financial crises, and other stressful situations)
    • relationship problems
    • coping problems (difficulty speaking up, stress management, self-soothing – all of which benefit help with learning new psychological skills)

Dr. Dickman works closely with their patients’ medical clinicians to coordinate psychological and medical care.

Dr. Dickman  would be glad to talk with you about what he may be able to offer to help with your concerns, and may be contacted by phone or email.