Climate Health and Mental Health Impacts training (“Board certifications have expired. This video may be viewed for free as a public service.)


This 1 hour video is no longer for MN Board Credit but free as a resource.



Climate change, or as it is increasingly being called the climate crisis, is frequently in the news. We are experiencing more frequent and destructive climate events.
The news reports are increasingly alarming.  Even though here in Minnesota we do not typically have the extreme events, we are experiencing more gradual impacts from climate change.
This video will review recent climate science developments, recent and ongoing climate crisis events, populations at risk for health impacts, and the health and mental health impacts of both acute and gradual climate change. Information about climate issues specific to Minnesota is provided, and tips for working with people with distress about climate problems will also be provided.
Finally, a list of carefully curated international, national and local resources for more learning is included.
Board authorizations for CE credit have expired.  If you would like to view the video, without CE credit and without charge, please send a request to


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