Dr. Sethre and Dr. Dickman provide specialized in-home mental health services.  There are several potential benefits to this type of service:

  • People who are fearful of leaving their home may still receive the services that they need.  In-home services may enable changes that eventually permit the person to transition to regular office visits.
  • For people with more complex problems, such as people who have both medical and mental health conditions, in-home mental health services may be combined with in-home primary care medical services provided by Livio Health in order to provide comprehensive and coordinated services.
  • For people with mobility problems, it may be burdensome, or even not possible, to travel to an office.
  • Some people may have difficulty scheduling appointments during regular office hours due to having a demanding work schedule or other needs.
  • Some people may have concerns about been seen in a mental health clinic, due to the nature of their work, having a high profile in the community, or other concerns.

Dr. Dickman and Dr. Sethre understand these concerns, and are available to provide in-home services to help people who are either unable to come in for regular office appointments or who prefer to not be seen in a mental health clinic.  Their fee for this service is $300 for the initial appointment, $200 per hour for follow up appointments,  and $100 per hour travel time.  The usual appointment length will be one hour, but some people may be more comfortable with shorter appointments  initially; the minimum charge is $200.  Longer appointments may be scheduled, if this would be helpful.  Payment required at the time of the appointment.  We encourage people who we see for this service to authorize to coordinate our services with the person’s primary medical provider.  We provide routine, usually quarterly, reports to other providers and can consult by phone as needed.  We use a health and behavioral outcomes measure to track progress and provide the results as part of our routine coordination of care.

Coverage for this service is currently available in South Minneapolis, Edina, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Minnetonka, Robinsdale and Plymouth.  For more information or to schedule an intake appointment, call Dr. Sethre at 612-460-0692.