Well-being means being in a state of comfort, having good relationships and a sense of meaning in your life.  The diagnosis of cancer often creates challenges to the patient’s sense of well-being.  Richard Sethre, PsyD, LP provides psychological services for men with cancer with a focus on helping them with well-being at a difficult and challenging time.  Dr. Sethre is a cancer survivor, and is familiar with the stress, uncertainty and challenges of getting a serious diagnosis. This service is available for all men with a newly diagnosed cancer, or who have experienced a treatment setback, including those with urologic cancers – prostate, bladder and kidney cancer.

Men who have been recently diagnosed or who have experienced a setback in their treatment can consult Dr. Sethre for help with:

  • Psychological support and coping resources for different stage: initial diagnosis, treatment and long term issues
  • Interpersonal connections: talking to others about your diagnosis and treatment, getting support
  • Communicating with your medical treatment team
  • Understanding medical terminology and reports
  • Self-care resources, such as diet, sleep, activity/exercise, stress reduction, pacing yourself during treatment
  • Coping with uncertainty, including waiting for your next lab results, “active surveillance.”
  • Developing a long term plan for your well-being –  physically  and mentally.
  • And more

Dr. Sethre can provide consultation in person at his office in Golden Valley, or by video, or telebehavioral services.  His services usually will be covered by medical insurance. In order to bill your insurance, you need a mental health diagnosis, and usually the stress of  a cancer diagnosis or treatment setback results in a diagnosis.  Also, if a person has had some mental health troubles that have not been addressed, getting a cancer diagnosis, or having a treatment setback, can make those troubles more of a problem, too.

Dr. Sethre may need to meet with you once, a few times, or more if needed.  He believes in working as  quickly as possible, while still meeting your needs.  He will ask your permission to coordinate with your clinicians, such as your primary MD/PA/RN, urologist, and oncologist.  He will ask you to complete a health inventory, The Health Dynamics Inventory, to help him understand how you are doing and your needs. If you have more than a few meetings, he may ask you to repeat it to help track how you are doing. He will use the results to help communicate to your medical team how you are doing.

To get started, call (612-460-0692) or email (drsethre@mhconcierge.com) to set up a brief phone discussion to make sure that what you are looking for fits with what Dr. Sethre can offer.

  • For more specific information about video/telehealth services, click here. (Medicare does not current cover most telehealth services)
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