Study with over 33K subjects finds low-level exercise to be protective for depression, not anxiety

“Exercise and The Prevention of Depression: Results of the HUNT Cohort Study” was published by the American Journal of Psychiatry in the January 2018 issue. MHConcierge has reported frequently on studies like this, but this one is notable for a couple of reasons: the study was a perspective study which followed 33,908 (!) adults for 11 years. The subjects were initially “healthy,” without current symptoms of depression or anxiety. The study was designed to specifically research whether exercise provides protection against new-onset depression and anxiety, and if so what “dose” of exercise is required to gain protection. The results find

Integrating psychotherapy with psychiatry- a new, powerful drug treatment for anxiety

Richard Friedman, MD, is a progressive psychiatrist who also a contributing op-ed writer for the New York Times.  He consistently writes thoughtful and provocative commentaries about mental health issues, and often is critical of the psychiatric status quo, and supportive of behavioral treatments.  The NYT published his commentary “A Drug to Cure Fear” on 1-22-16.  This is a detailed discussion of the limitations of current treatments for anxiety disorders, including severe PTSD, including both medication and psychological/behavioral therapies.  He goes on to describe recent research using medication that seem to effectively erase the emotional fear response in healthy people with