Study with over 33K subjects finds low-level exercise to be protective for depression, not anxiety

“Exercise and The Prevention of Depression: Results of the HUNT Cohort Study” was published by the American Journal of Psychiatry in the January 2018 issue. MHConcierge has reported frequently on studies like this, but this one is notable for a couple of reasons: the study was a perspective study which followed 33,908 (!) adults for 11 years. The subjects were initially “healthy,” without current symptoms of depression or anxiety. The study was designed to specifically research whether exercise provides protection against new-onset depression and anxiety, and if so what “dose” of exercise is required to gain protection. The results find

A brief research report on the benefits of exercise for smoking cessation

How exercise is key to successfully quitting smoking reports on research that finds that even moderate intensity exercise “markedly” reduces the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Researchers theorize that exercise helps by increasing the activation of a brain receptor that is the target of nicotine, based on research using mice. There is other research evidence that supports the benefits of exercise to help cope with nicotine withdrawal, but the authors caution, “the mechanisms mediating this effect are unclear.” This article was posted by the science daily blog on 12-21-17.

3 Articles About the Cognitive Benefits of Brief (10 minutes!) Exercise

Building upon an emerging body of research that supports the mental health and, in particular, cognitive, benefits of exercise, researchers are assessing the lower threshold for these benefits – and getting surprising results for very brief, but moderately intensive, exercise.  These results support the benefits of mental health clinicians routinely asking patients/clients about their activity level, and “prescribing” brief, and doable, “doses” of exercise/activity.

Health and wellness news: good news for coffee lovers and runners

Health and wellness news: good news for coffee lovers and runners

Health and wellness news:  good news for coffee lovers, continued, A Weapon Against Dementia in Your Coffee Pot (, 4-6-17)  reports on recent research that finds caffeine to have significant protective properties for dementia.  It boosts the production of a protective enzyme that – at least in rats – is protective for Alzheimer, Parkinson and Huntington diseases. The optimal dose has not yet been determined.  And, An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life (New York Times, 4-12-17) builds on previous research that found that running, or jogging, no matter what the pace, reduced risk of premature