Research teases out specific benefits of exercise and cognitive training for middle and older age people

“Distinct Brain and Behavioral Benefits from Cognitive vs. Physical Training: A Randomized Trial in Aging Adults” was posted on the Frontiers in Human Science blog on 7-18-16. This study builds on an emerging body of research about the cognitive benefits of exercise and cognitive training for older adults. The participants were “normally aging middle to older age adults.”  Previous studies have found significant benefits for each “treatment,” but this study was able to identify specific benefits.

Exercise and memory: new research finds a sweet spot

“Physical Exercise Performed Four Hours after Learning Improves Memory Retention and Increases Hippocampal Pattern Similarity during Retrieval” was published in Current Biology on 7-11-16.  It made quite a splash in the popular media, as illustrated by an Article published by the New York Times, “To Boost Memory: Study, Wait, Then Exercise,” published on 7-28-16.

Study finds benefits of exercise for anxiety- not just depression

“The Moderating Effect of Physical Exercise in Anxiety Disorder: A Review” was published by the European Proceedings of Social and Behavioral Sciences on 6-28-16. This article noted the emerging body of research in support of the benefits of exercise for people with depression. The authors reviewed research about the benefits of exercise for people with anxiety disorders.

Outdoor exercise is found to be more helpful for depressed than indoor

The online news posting service posted Exercising in Nature May Hold Unique Benefits for the Depressed on 7-21-16. This brief article summarizes the emerging trend of research findings that supports the benefits of activity, and exercise, for people with depression, and goes on to report about a unique study that found that exercising outdoors is more beneficial than exercising indoors.

Lifting light weights, with high repetitions, as effective as massive weight lifting- good news for those who are intimidated by weight lifting

“Lifting Lighter Weights Can Be Just As Effective As Heavy Ones,“ was published 7-20-16 by the New York times.  This is a brief but informative review of recent research updating the well-established benefits of weight lifting- but which finds that a “light weights, high repetitions” program is as effective as the traditional “lift as much as you can tolerate, until your body fails to continue to lift” program.  The article notes that many people are intimidated by the traditional program, and may find the light weight/high rep program to be a better match. mhconcierge’s take: there has been discussion among