MN psychologist Karen Lloyd, Ph.D. and team featured in national article about HP’s resiliance-training program

Minnesota psychologist Karen Lloyd, PhD, was featured in an article published by the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Lloyd is Senior Director of Behavioral Health and Resilience for HealthPartners. The article, “Why Resilience Is Good for Your Health and Career,” was published on February 15, 2016, and is subtitled, “employers that offer coaching and how to be positive in spite of stressing benefits go beyond work.”

Retired MN psychologist Jack Schaffer, Ph.D., publishes book on ICD-10.

Retired Minnesota psychologist Jack Schaffer, PhD, has written a book with a colleague, Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D., “A Student’s Guide to Assessment and Diagnosis Using the ICD-10-CM: Psychological and Behavioral Conditions.” It was published by APA in November, 2015. While it is written for students, it could provide a helpful overview of the ICD-10- CM for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Richard Sethre, Psy.D., L.P. is acknowledged by Minnesota Psychological Assoc.

From the MPA online newsletter published 2-23-16:  MPA’s Volunteer for the Month of February is Richard Sethre, Psy.D., L.P. One of the joys of being President and now Past-President of the Minnesota Psychological Association is being witness to the support and connections that are made as a result of an MPA membership.  Becoming a member of the Governing Council opened my eyes to all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, and during my year as President of MPA, I gained an appreciation for all the volunteers that support and guide psychologists in this day and age