Mindfulness benefits for infants and children: you don’t need to be a Zen monk to help your child

The New York Times posted “Mindfulness for Children” on 10-28-17. This is part of their ongoing Well blog series, which provides excellent summaries of recent research and developments of interest to the general population interested in health issues. This article reviews potential benefits of mindfulness training for children, including helping them learn self-control, soothe themselves when anxious, and can promote positive attitudes.

Study: overweight kids have increased (4X) (!) risk of depression as adults

Being overweight in childhood may heighten lifetime risk of depression, posted 5-18-17.  Children who are overweight, as defined by a BMI between 25 and 29.9 (not “obese”) at age 8 or 13 years were found to have more than a 4-times increase in risk of lifetime MDD in comparison to children who were normal weight who went on to become overweight as adults.

Parent Therapy the Best Treatment for Disruptive Kids?

From Medscape Psychiatry, Parent-Based Therapy Tops All Others for Disruptive Behavior, was posted on 5-4-17. This article reviews a study by the CDC which reviewed 64 studies of treatment for childhood disruptive behavior problems, and found that only group therapy focused on parenting skills and “individual parent behavior therapy with child participation” meet criteria as evidence-based therapies.

Study finds kids to be “resilient” in response to up to 6 hours of screen time

“Moderate use of screens not associated with child behavior problems,” posted by Psypost.org on 2-7-17.  Study finds that “moderate” (up to 6 hours per day!) is not a usually a problem, with only “negligibly small association” with depression and delinquency, usually for males.”  There are no significant associations with risky driving, risky sex, substance abuse or restrictive eating. mhconcierge’s take: this info may be reassuring to parents, and may help them focus more productively on other behavioral concerns.