Early ADHD Advocate Connors Dies; Concluded ADHD is Overdiagnosed to Sell Medication

The New York Times published “Keith Connors, Psychologist Who Set Standard For Diagnosing ADHD,” Dies at 84 on 7-18-17. The article reviews Dr. Connors’ distinguished career, including the development of the Connors Rating Scales and a major, government-funded 20 year research project which compared medication and behavioral therapy outcomes for ADHD.

Study questions long term benefits of ADHD medications

Study questions benefits of long-term use of ADHD medications was posted by Medical News Today on 3-15-17. This study followed more than 500 children with ADHD into adulthood and found that long-term use of stimulant medication was associated with “suppressed adult height but not with reduced symptoms of ADHD.”  The study concluded that “short-term treatment of ADHD was stimulant medication is well justified by benefits that outweigh costs, but long-term treatment may be associated with growth related costs that may not be balanced by symptom related benefits.”

How placeboes work; implications for therapists

“Why Placebos Really Work: the Latest Science – new evidence suggests the fake drugs may cause changes in the body, not just the mind” was published on 7-20-16 by the Wall Street Journal. This article provides an interesting review of recent research that fines that placebos can result in real health benefits, even when the patient knows that they are receiving a placebo.

Research about the “nocebo effect” vs. the placebo effect

Do you know the difference between the nocebo effect and the placebo effect?  This interesting distinction is illustrated by “You Can’t Always Get What You Want: The Influence of Choice on Nocebo and Placebo Responding,” published in the June issue of the Annuals of Behavioral Medicine and discussed in a Wall Street Journal article, “Giving Patients’ Some Choice May Boost Drugs’ Effectiveness: side effects may be limited, too, study finds,” published on 7-11-16.

Three progressive suggestions for helping with the shortage of psychiatrists

The online news service Medium.com published “Telepsychiatry is Not Enough” on 6 -22-16.  This article reviews statistics about the shortage of psychiatrists in the US, the efforts to expand access to psychiatrist using telehealth, and concerns about how this does not meet the needs of underserved communities.