People Who Sleep Less Than Eight Hours a Night Are More Likely to Suffer from Depression, Anxiety

“People Who Sleep Less Than Eight Hours a Night Are More Likely to Suffer from Depression, Anxiety’ reviews research found that regular sleep disruptions, including inadequate sleep duration, are associated with difficulty in shifting one’s attention away from negative information. In particular, the researchers found that people who do not get adequate sleep are prone to experiencing negative, repetitive and intrusive thoughts that are associated with depression and anxiety. Of course,” further research is needed,” but the researchers theorize that future research could potentially result in psychologists, and other therapists, helping patients with anxiety and depression by helping them more

Insomnia update: tart cherry juice found to have remarkable benefit (but from small study)

Following up on last week’s posting about a sleep scientist’s advice opposing use of sleep medications, and advocating for naturalistic and psychological, here is another interesting article about research that finds that tart cherry do’s significantly increased sleep time for insomniacs. The published “Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Increased Sleep Time in Insomniacs” on 10-28-17.  The results were significant and found that the subjects who received the tart cherry juice treatment rated their sleep is significantly better, and were found to have actually slept on the average 84 more minutes than the control group.

A Sleep Scientist Disputes Some Common Assumptions About Sleep and Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Mental and Physical Health

NPR posted “Sleep Scientist Warns against Walking through Life ‘In An Underslept State’” on 10-16-17. This article, which is a summary of a fresh air interview with sleep scientist Matthew Walker is an excellent and concise summary of the current science behind getting adequate and healthy sleep. Dr. Walker provided seven recommendations for behaviors that will help with sleep.

Recent Research Finds That We Need to Attend to More Than Just the Duration of Sleep

The Wall Street Journal published “A Good Night’s Sleep Is Tied to Interruptions, Not Just Hours” on 12-1-15. This is a fairly long and detailed article that reviews recent research and also some general recommendations for sleep hygiene.  The study compared people who slept for the same during, but one group had interrupted sleep and the other was allowed “continuous” sleep, and that found that interrupted sleep can cause mood and focusing problems. These findings support an emerging body of research that finds that we need to attend to not just the duration of sleep but also the quality of