Patient access to medical progress notes improves self care: implications for mental health?

OpenNotes: Patient engagement with low physician hassle discusses evidence emerging that the OpenNotes pilot project, which enables patients to see their physicians progress notes in their medical record, is finding positive results. Physicians had been concerned that having progress notes available to patients would result in longer appointments, more documentation time and increased patient anxiety about what they read, but this is mostly not the case.

Why are therapists slow to adopt outcomes measures?

What Your Therapist Doesn’t Know: Big data as transformed everything from sports to politics to education. Entrance for mental health treatment, to-if only psychologists would stop ignoring it was published by the Atlantic magazine in the April, 2017 issue. This article, written by a therapist, discusses her very personal efforts, in response to the tragic death of a patient, to try to make her therapy more effective. She goes on to review use of outcomes measurement tools in therapy, including “psychotherapy metrics” which are used to create algorithms predicting when patients are at risk of deterioration.

International group begins work on alternative to DSM system

“Researchers proposed new diagnostic model for psychiatric disorders” reports on the work of a consortium of 50 psychologists and psychologists around the world who are developing a new diagnostic model to replace the DSM 5.  They view the SM five as “far too conservative” and as failing to “recognize and incorporate important scientific evidence.”

Should you change your clinical documentation for people at risk for deportation?

From the blog, “Why I’ve learning to leave blank spots in some patients’ medical records,” posted 3-6-17.  This article reviews potential problems that medical documentation can cause for undocumented people.   To cut to the chase: HIPPA protects patient health information, but it is “not an unconditional legal shield” if you are working undocumented people who may be subject to deportation.