Survey of MN MH Clinicians about fees, v 2, 2021

Survey of MN MH Clinicians about fees, v 2, 2021

MHConcierge requested community info – and got 373 responses! Copyright MHConcierge 2021 – you are welcome to share the link to this post but use for commercial purposes without permission is forbidden. BACKGROUND I did an initial survey about fees charged by Minnesota mental health clinicians in 2017. The idea for the survey came from an article in the APA journal Practice Innovations,  Koocher, & Soibatian,  (2017). “Understanding Fees in Mental Health Practice.” Practice Innovations, 2(3), 123-135.  The authors recommended “being aware of “the normative fees for mental health services in your geographic area” as one important factor for setting your

MHConcierge Survey: MN Psychologists and Telehealth Services

MHConcierge Survey:  MN Psychologists and Telehealth Services

Thanks to the 35 colleagues who responded to this survey!  For my 6 previous MHConcierge surveys, I sent an invitation to participate in to a variety of listservs, social networking sites – and a list that purchased from the MN Board of Psychology.  The MBOP list provided the majority of responses. While preparing for the current survey, I learned that the services that I use (Survey Monkey and MailChimp) both forbid using purchased lists.  Therefore, I chose to not risk trouble with those services (and MBOP),  and did not use the MBOP list – but unfortunately have much lower numbers

Survey of Fees Charged by MN Psychologists for Common Services

MHConcierged posted a request to a list provided by the MN Board of Psychology (available for $5 on the MBOP website) requesting participating in this survey.  The survey was sent out on 10-10-17, with the expectation of posting a summary of the results 2 weeks later (a previous version was sent out on 10-8-17 with a technical glitch – apologies to those who responded promptly and enthusiastically to that one). I knew that such a survey was novel – was not aware of any previous similar survey, at least locally – but I did not anticipate the consternation that some

Survey of MN Psychologists and other professionals about technology in clinical practice

Thanks to the 122 colleagues who generously took the time to complete this survey. Three reported that they do not provide clinical mental health services in Minnesota. This means that 119 should have continued with the rest of the questions, but 120 colleagues took the rest of the survey – I guess that two non-clinical participants still wanted to contribute, which leaves us with perhaps a little less pure data, but I appreciate their participation.

Survey of Minnesota Mental Health Professionals about billing practices

Thanks to the Mental Health Professional (MHP) colleagues who completed the MHConcierge survey about billing practices.  We had 167 responses.  149 of the participants are psychologists, and we also had 3 social workers and 9 participants licensed by the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.  We aspire to have more responses, and more non-psychologist participants, for future surveys.