Results of survey of Minnesota health care professionals about the MInnesotaCare Provider Tax

Thanks to the 380 professional colleagues who completed the 5 question survey about the MinnesotaCare Provider Tax.  Invitations to participate in this survey were sent to the members of two Minnesota Psychological Association listservs, a list of emails for over 3,000 licensed psychologists purchased from the Board of Psychology, several LinkedIn groups for mental health professionals, and by an email “blast” message provided by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, MN Chapter.

Survey about the MDH EHR Mandate, effective 1-1-15: results, discussion and resources.

First of all, thanks to all who participated in the survey and who provided helpful feedback about it. As of noon on Saturday, January 17, I have received 658 responses. This is a tremendous response. To provide some context, the Minnesota Mental Health Work Force Group sent out a survey, using much more resources (the work group had 36 members) and allowing more time for responses. They received 500 responses.